Young peoples' involvement

In our work, we hope that young people who have experienced significant disruptions in the continuity of their lives will be supported to build a new and coherent narrative for themselves.

The aim of our therapeutic community model is that the young people participate with staff in the therapeutic process of helping, supporting and sometimes challenging each other, and constantly learning from each other. They do this in individual therapy, in smaller group therapy sessions and together in large therapeutic community meetings to which all staff and young people are invited. At the community meetings, anyone can talk about any aspect of his or her experience of Baobab. We encourage everyone to speak, to listen and to be heard - however difficult and frightening that might be, particularly for young people whose experience of oppression and persecution has denied them a voice.

Our aim is that slowly and when they feel ready, young people will gain pleasure in taking a role of responsibility within the Baobab Community.  This might be through taking part in a working group, through attending Trustees’ meetings or through joining the recruitment panel for a member of staff. Over time, we aim for the more experienced of our young community members to take on the role of mentors to those who have more recently arrived.

"When I am alone it’s too much. There is too much stuff going on inside my head. Sometimes I feel like giving up. But when you see people who understand, who are on your side, for the first time, you have courage and hope. It’s like when you are fighting a battle and you lose everyone. Then all of a sudden reinforcements come you feel that you can win. Baobab gives me the foundations and I can start building from there.”
Quote from Young Person