Unfortunately we are at capacity at present and have a substantial waiting list.  We are therefore unable to accept any new referrals for the time being. Any referrals submitted to us while the list is closed sadly cannot be considered.  Please email us at if you wish to be notified when the waiting list reopens.
We are working through the waiting list and hope to be able to reopen the referral process again soon.  Feb 2019

If you wish to make a referral to the Baobab Centre, the criteria and process is as follows:

1st stage: please ensure that the young person meets the following criteria for referral:

  • Must have arrived in UK under the age of 18 and be under the age of 24 at the time of referral

  • Must be seeking asylum in the UK or have refugee status

  • Must have experienced organised (state/community) interpersonal violence in home country or on their journey into exile (experiencing violence can include witnessing violence against others or witnessing violence against family members, as well as directly experiencing violence themselves).  This may include experiences such as having experienced parents having been violated, humiliated or murders, being forcibly recruited into rebel/government armies, being imprisoned and tortured for political activities or for the alleged activities of their parents, being trafficked for sexual or labour exploitation.

  • Must have lost part of childhood through trauma

  • Is having psychological difficulties now s/he is in the UK

  • Is able to attend the Baobab Centre independently, or if not ,must be accompanied by the referrer until such a time as s/he feels able to travel to the centre alone

  • Does not need specialist psychiatric care and is not violent.

  • Has agreed to talk part in psychotherapy and would like to would like to work towards this aim.

Referral procedure

  1. Please check the criteria above to ensure the young person fits the critera. If you have any questions please phone 0207 263 1301 or email:

  2. It is essential that you please complete the referral form as fully as possible. Where you are uncertain about any sections, please liaise with the young person or the relevant members of the young person’s network to ensure that all sections are completed giving as much detail as possible. Incomplete referral forms will unfortunately delay the referral process.

  3. Download and save the Referral Form. The form is currently not available as our waiting list is closed.  (Please note that once the downloaded form is saved onto your computer you will be able to edit it.)  Once completed, please send it by post to the Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile, 6-9 Manor Gardens, London N7 6LA or by email to

  4. The referral will go to a clinical meeting (once a fortnight)

  5. Initial assessment appointments offered (usually 3 hour long sessions in consecutive weeks).

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss possible referrals. Tel: 0207 263 1301