Professor Heaven Crawley (FAcSS)
Chair in International Migration, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, University of Coventry
"The Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile is a unique therapeutic community working with and for young people who lived through violence and human rights abuse of the kind that is almost impossible for us to comprehend.  There is nothing like Baobab, an organisation that both supports young people and provides them with the care they need to rebuild their lives, but also values their strength, resilience and capacity not just to survive these experiences but to thrive and support others. Every time I hear about the work of the organisation or meet the young people with whom Baobab work I am immensely proud to be able to call myself one of its Patrons".

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC

Anne Michaels, Poet and Novelist
"The Baobab Centre proves what can be achieved when young people who have known the worst, can experience the resolute commitment of others to their future; when there is time and place for possibility; when there is an ongoing community that is responsive and caring. The Centre asserts and insists that shelter, guidance, community, friendship, and future are rights. The importance of "see(ing) the young people for as long as they wish and need to be seen" cannot be overestimated. Trust grows from trust, courage from courage. Community and commitment over time are the heart and soul of healing. The Baobab Centre embodies hope."

Professor Philippe Sands QC
"I am honoured to support Baobab, an organisation with a truly remarkable record at the forefront of the vital struggle for wellbeing and justice for young survivors in exile".

Skinny (Skinmusic)
"I'm a patron at Baobab because I believe that every child or young adult has the right to a safe and healthy life. Unfortunately in many countries suffering all kinds of upheavals we see children first the firing line used and abused, easy victims in adult Wars. I've seen for myself the amazing work Shelia has done with the children at Baobab, trying to heal the trauma and suffering these children have endured, and I fully support such incredible work from an inspired and dedicated team".