Our funders

The process of raising funds for our work takes a great deal of time and is often difficult, especially when we have such a small staff team that faces multiple demands on their time. As such, we greatly appreciate the effort that our funders make in getting to know and understand our specialised model of work and their commitment to us over time - often offering their support over many years. We need this for our work to be sustainable.

We also value the rigour of our funders in questioning and examining how we work, the services we offer and our impact. Not only does this make us feel that we are in safe and committed hands, it also encourages us to be a reflective and responsive organisation, allocating time to thinking, questioning, developing - and when necessary - changing aspects of our services.

We would like to say a huge thank young to our past and present funders.

Our current funders are:

  • AB Charitable Trust
  • Comic Relief
  • Garden Court Chambers Special Fund
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Human Rights Aid
  • London Community Foundation through the Reel Fund
  • London Community Foundation through the Dodds Trust
  • Social Justice Trust
  • The Alan and Babette Sainsbury Charitable Fund
  • The Bromley Trust
  • The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
  • The Henry Smith Charity
  • The Lady Balogh Trust
  • The Lloyds Foundation
  • The Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  • The Rayne Foundation
  • The Winnicott Trust
  • Wednesday’s Child