Multidisciplinary working

All the young people who are members of the Baobab Community have complex needs. We aim to see young people in a holistic and integrated way. We prioritise careful initial and ongoing assessment of their multiple needs and engage with a variety of professionals, specialists and agencies around each young person in order to ensure that these needs are met.

Within Baobab, we are lucky to have a multidisciplinary team of mainly volunteer clinicians who represent a variety of child, adolescent and young adult mental health services (psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians and psychiatrists, art therapists, specialist counsellors) and a social worker. In terms of the context within which we work, we aim to participate in case conferences, reviews and very often we convene such meetings.

If you would like to refer a young person to Baobab, we are always happy to meet with you pre initial assessment. Similarly if you are currently working with a young person who already attends Baobab, please get in touch by phoning 020 7263 1301. We place a very high value on working together.